i am last

everyone wants to be first. everyone wants to be the best. it is our naturally tendency to desire this, and most of us think that we have arrived at being the first and best at some point and time in our life. there is a movement, you could call it a campaign, that has just started showing up around town – billboards popping up with “i am second” and a picture of various individuals you might recognize.

this reminds me of a book i read in high school, i am third, by Gale Sayers, former nfl running back for the chicago bears. in his autobiography, he shares that he puts God first in his life, others second, and he is third.

another way to put this is “i am last.” while this is not as attractive a comment as “i am third”, and doesn’t provoke the same curiousity as “i am second”, they are all speaking to the same principle of making Jesus first. when we make Jesus first in our lives, we should also put ourselves last [Mark 9:33-37] or make ourselves second to everyone else.

check out iamsecond.com and hear people’s stories of how they have become second to Jesus and others. come back to threadmatters to hear more of my story and others.

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