be prepared

i recall the first time i drank coffee in college. this wasn’t the first time i had ever had coffee, mind you. but it was the first time i had ever had coffee in conjunction with preparing for an exam. this may seem kind of strange to you, since most people know of my coffee affection. this first time was actually the day of my first freshman history exam. bad move. i had not been drinking coffee to study, but thought it was cool to grab a coffee and doughnut before the exam. i since have learned that when studying and taking exams, your environment should be replicated in both places, in order to not disrupt your thinking during the exam – including what you eat or drink. well, you guessed it. i was wired on caffeine, and i couldn’t do a thing about it. based on the performance of the first exam, i was very relieved to pull out a decent grade in the class.

but it’s not all about making the grade, is it? we prepare so much for the things in life that come along. Jesus has called us out and set us apart to first follow Him and glorify His name. if we keep doing this, then the other things in life are taken care of. i should be ready to share my faith with anyone, anytime. imagine that every day of your life in Christ, He is sending you out into a mission field. everyday is a new day to seek His leading, and respond to the doors He opens. being unprepared is not an option we want to take [luke 12:47]. our everyday preparations to go out into the world are crucial. crucial to our walk with Him. let’s avoid the “jolt” of unfamiliar prayer by constantly preparing in faith.

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