Using the Manuscript Bible Study Method

The manuscript Bible study approach has opened my eyes to an exciting way of studying Scripture. I am not the developer of the manuscript study method. However, I recognize not everyone will spend the time to research the mechanics of a new study approach that is outside of the safe confines of a workbook. I have distilled the manuscript study approach into guides with the intent of making this method accessible, meaningful and transferable.


The convenience of a step-by-step method of published Bible studies makes it easy for an individual to pick it up and start using it. From my earliest days of studying the Bible, I have used the fill-in-the-blank studies, and have benefited from them. The manuscript study guides offered here take a step-by-step approach to walking through the process of study for both personal and small group study, making it accessible for many people to use. I liken it to walking along side you as we study the Bible together.


The small group study is desired (even if the group is just two people) because not only does God speak to us through His written word, He also speaks to us through others. I have been a part of some meaningful study discussions as we focused on a particular passage of Scripture, challenging each other to think more deeply about it and question how it applies to our personal lives. The prompting questions to help us think about these connections are incorporated in the study guides offered here.


A leader of a study group fulfills many different roles, including facilitator, teacher, mentor, and / or guide. Two specific needs arise when you lead a group.

  • a backfill leader when you are not able to make a group meeting
  • a leader to lead a new group (due to growth of the original group, or the current leader retiring from the group, or host of other possible reasons)
    • The ability to easily train and raise up new leaders is a requirement in any group situation. The transfer of the manuscript Bible study approach to new group leaders is one of the purposes of the study guides offered in order to help as many people as possible experience intentional and meaningful Bible study.


      • What opportunities do you have to lead a Bible study – at home, with friends?
      • How can you incorporate the manuscript Bible study approach into your small group Bible study?

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