Handbook for a Discipling Journey




Handbook for A Discipling Journey: An Adaptable Model for Making Disciples provides a step-by-step method for leading a discipling relationship for those that are new to making disciples of Jesus.

This method is also for people who have been mentoring and discipling others for years and are looking for a way to make the most of your time with the one you are discipling.

In addition to the Handbook, this package includes the guides and forms for you and the one you are discipling.

Another feature of this method is that it can be used with a small group of two, three, or four people that are peers in their spiritual journey meeting for Bible study and possibly accountability.

Also included in the Handbook packet:

Guides for the Disciple Maker and Disciple
B1 – Good News Form
B2 – Discipleship Planning Guide
B3 – Check-In Form

Guides for the Travelers
G1 – Good News Traveler
G2 – Traveler Planning Guide
G3 – Traveler Check-In Form