Unbounded – An Apprenticing Journey of Faith


Unbounded is more than a Bible Study. The purpose of this apprenticeship is to teach and model an integrated life of devotion to Jesus and to provide tools and experiences to prepare people to share this life with others. Another way of saying this is to live life on mission, the mission that God has called you to as a follower of Christ.



Unbounded: An Apprenticing Journey of Faith is a missional expression of a discipling model which seeks to engage people in a dynamic approach to living out their faith.

Unbounded is a guided experience for a group of about six to twelve people to meet twelve times to

  • Share their daily experiences along the journey
  • Study the Bible with intentionality
  • Remembering the ultimate expression of Christ’s love

The format of the gathering time starts off with dinner and a discussion of the previous week’s experience integrating spiritual disciplines in our life, such as, prayer, serving, sharing our faith and Bible study. After dinner, you learn from scripture what it means to live out our faith daily while using the Guided Manuscript Study approach. The gathering wraps up with communion as you remember what Jesus did in the redemptive work of the cross.

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